Free Repeat Confirmation


Thank You!

Based on the information you provided we will research your original registration and determine if you qualify for a free repeat.

Free Repeat Requests will be processed within three business days.  If your request is received on Friday or on the Weekend, it will be returned within three business days of the following Monday.

Submitting this request does not guarantee a free repeat.  Each student has only one free repeat and it is only good for the consecutive session. We cannot guarantee if there will be a course for the free repeat.  These terms and conditions were agreed to when you completed and signed your course consent form.  Please note that due to the low cost structure of our courses we do not make exceptions to our free repeat policy.

We will send an e-mail confirmation if you qualify for a free repeat or if you do not.
Very Important E-Mail Note (PLEASE READ):
Please put us on your ALLOWED e-mail list.  At times our e-mail goes to “JUNK MAIL” or “SPAM FOLDERS”.  There is nothing we can do about this.  We communicate with our students primarily via E-Mail so PLEASE LOOK for our e-mails in your ANTI-SPAM or JUNK MAIL FOLDERS.  Thank you.

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