GRE Prep Course Testimonials

Recent GRE Prep Course Testimonials

Below are testimonials from real students who have recently completed our GRE Course. Unlike other companies who post “sound bites” highlighting all of the selling points they want you to hear, we post real testimonials from real people. We’re an honest company and we believe that you deserve an honest appraisal of our courses.

I took your GRE prep course over the summer. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve now taken the test twice, the first time with a 314 and a 4.5 on the AWA, and the second time with a 316. Thanks a million for your help.

I took the test today. 151 on Quantitative and 164 on Qualitative. Hooray. Thanks for all your help. My chances of getting into my program have just greatly improved.

I am thrilled and wanted to send you a huge Thank You. I took the GRE this morning, and got a 165V, 154Q!!!! I am so happy with this score. It was only possible because you did a great job in preparing me. I enjoyed your style of teaching immensely. You are patient, astute and well paced – a blessing for those of us in your class. I found the course balanced and pertinent, but it was certainly you who really helped pull me through. My math was terrible but your explanations were invaluable and easy to grasp. As a teacher myself, I can truly appreciate how well you did your job. I really can’t express how grateful I am to you! Thank you so very much indeed. Take care, an extraordinarily happy student.
Cindy Taylor-Lutz

I would like to take a moment to thank you for the July/August 2012 GRE test prep class recently offered here in Portland, Oregon. It is well thought out and organized.
I am especially grateful for your instructor Scott. He is wonderfully articulate and makes the class sessions dynamic and interesting. He is available via email and phone and is approachable during class at all times.
I would take any class under the instruction of Scott. He is a role model for academic excellence!
Graham Gentry

I’m writing to let you know how pleased I am with the quality of instruction I received from my GRE instructor. Steve was very helpful both inside and outside the classroom; he treated us with respect and never patronized us. I took the test a few days ago and received a combined score of 330, and I attribute part of my success to the help he provided.
Jeremy R.

I just wanted to let you know that your class really helped me. I got a 310, and I was aiming for over 300. I also did well on the essays. I subsequently was accepted into the Master’s program I wanted, so thanks for the help! Take care!
Lisa Madison

I took the GRE yesterday, and I’m very happy with my score. I got 159 on verbal and 159 on quantitative! Thanks for all your help…
Peter D.

I got a 156 and math-wise I was quite happy with that. I am not a math person and that’s about the best I honestly believe I could do. The class definitely helped!!! I have a friend taking the GRE next summer and I definitely gave Sherwood the thumbs up. Thanks!
Tracy Onuki

I wanted to let you know that Dave was a great instructor! He did an amazing job of teaching in a way that was tailored to each person without slowing down too much for the rest of the students. He pushed us to study harder by implementing quizzes and requiring us to bring in questions from the homework. I believe these requirements held us accountable to study. Honestly, I was a bit worried about how beneficial the class would be but it proved to be completely worth the $499 and 6 Sundays of my life. I am very grateful and I know that my score improved greatly because of the time I spent in class. The instructor displayed exceptional professionalism, sincerity and proved to be inspiring. I have already referred the Sherwood Test Prep to other friends who are planning to take the GRE and will continue to do so.
Jamie Maas

The GRE Vocabulary list was helpful. In general, good bang for the buck.
Patrick Kruss

I was in your GRE prep course that ended three weeks ago. Since I didn’t really get a chance to thank you, I want to do that now, and to tell you that I just finished the test a few hours ago, and I got a 169 verbal / 154 quantitative. That’s a 11-point improvement in the verbal section, and a 8-point improvement in the math, compared to my first electronic practice test. I should also say that as far as studying for the verbal goes, all I used were the Sherwood materials, and right around 25% of the questions they hit me with involved one of the vocabulary words on that list.

The way the course is organized it broke the GRE down into conquerable portions. My score improved a great deal.
Brian S.

Luba is a fantastic teacher. She is friendly and approachable. She created a comfortable classroom environment and she really inspired me to try and learn. I even looked forward to Sunday mornings (kinda). I like her a lot because she’s real. She’s competent and erudite.
Stephanie Hathaway

Just wanted to send you a quick thank-you for your support and dedication during the GRE prep class. I particularly appreciated your taking the time to read my practice essays — and, of course, all the math review materials very much came in handy yesterday (when I took the exam). I ended up with a 149 on the quantitative section and a 168 on the verbal; I think the essays went well also. Given that my pre-test at the start of your course put me at a 145 on the quantitative, I think you should take pride in providing me with the material I needed to improve significantly! I thought you might value knowing that you really helped me.
Eileen Camfield

I took your 6 week GRE prep class in Chicago. I was enrolled in a Kaplan course, but when an e-mail came from Kaplan notifying us that the class was cancelled, I found your website on Google. What a blessing that was!

I was looking for a course that was not a two-week crash course – so compact you barely remember anything when it’s done. I was swept off my feet by your price and the re-take policy which I didn’t have to call on, due to my wonderful instructor, Joan.

I especially appreciate Joan’s help. She was very attentive and supportive. She made herself available by phone and gave a fantastic pep talk the night before my test. She was always clear about explaining Sherwood methods and techniques, while still maintaining an open roundtable atmosphere. I believe everyone in the classroom felt very comfortable, even when challenged – Joan had a pacifying demeanor when she saw an inkling of despair on an aspiring grad student’s face.

She prepared us well for the content of the test, as well as for the procedures and the mindset – I had no bad surprises on the test day! The students were motivated and rarely skipped class.

I am very grateful that Sherwood Test Prep was offered in Chicago. I am now convinced that I will reach my academic goals. Thank you for the service! I am still raving about it to my former classmates and friends.
Natalia Selkov

I would like to share my feedback for the GRE class in San Diego, CA. My instructor was David Matthews and I would like to say that he did an excellent job of preparing me to take the GRE. David presented the information very well. I appreciate all the help he has given me. Thanks Sherwood for the cost-effective class and lots of practice!!
Victoria Bayliss

I took a GRE class in Phoenix taught by Katie Miller a few months ago. I wanted to say thank you as I finally took the GRE and my scores dramatically improved.
Jason Brown

Hi! I received a 170 on my GRE math! I just thought I would let you know of the good news.
Farah M.

Thank you so much for teaching the GRE for us. I’m getting really serious now, trying to be a mom, wife and a student, with lots of tasks to do I had to write down a schedule for my activities. I feel I’m doing better on Math, yesterday I got 2 wrongs from 12. It’s really a big jump for me. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful summer and God bless you always.
Edna Felix

I want to thank you for your help in the GRE Test Prep class. I have since been accepted to two doctorate programs in clinical psychology! I appreciated all you help and suggestions.
Stephen Simonson

I recently completed my Baltimore GRE class, and got a 164-Verbal and 146-Quantitative on my GRE. Higher than expected and a very good score for the programs I’m applying to.
Chelsea Lehman