LSAT Prep Course Testimonials

Recent LSAT Prep Course Testimonials

Below are testimonials from real students who have recently completed our LSAT Course. Unlike other companies who post “sound bites” highlighting all of the selling points they want you to hear, we post real testimonials from real people. We’re an honest company and we believe that you deserve an honest appraisal of our courses.

I appreciate all the help you had given me during the review. Thanks.

I would just like to say that I am very impressed with my instructor Mr. Ingram and I am studying the LSAT right now!!!
Wayne O.

Very open and willing to help. Made you feel like your needs were the number one priority.
Kevin Johnson

He was a great teacher, he covered the subject perfectly.
Amy S.

This course was not only affordable, but it was very effective. My score increased significantly.
Bonnie Ho

Practice tests helped a lot, strategy was helpful too.
Coryn Manley

I attended the LSAT Prep course at UCLA. I found it to be sooo helpful in preparing for the LSAT.
John S.

Affordable and provides materials/skills/confidence to improve.
Kathy Fong

The course helps you get into the mindset needed for the test.
Gina B.

The instructor was great and quite helpful.
Wilson W.

Great Teacher. He was wonderful. Great Price.
Elizabeth M.

Steve did a good job, and the techniques in class were good.
Carlos C.

Loved him!!! I thought I was going to dread class every week. He presented the material clearly and was also entertaining!
Tina Y. Tam

I meant to send you a message after the test to thank you and to tell you that I felt pretty good about it. I only left two questions unanswered in the games section and I legitimately answered everything else. The first two games, which was my first section luckily, were easy and I think it lulled me into relaxing too much. I completed every other section of the test. I got my score on Saturday and I got a 165 which puts me into the 92nd %tile. My goal was to score between 165 and 170. The first practice test that I took I got a 155 so I gained ten points.

I wanted you to know that I appreciated your help and respected you as an instructor. I was lucky to work with you.
Shawna Lipton

Mr. Sherwood has a positive approach, is clear, and was inspirational to me.
Jane Tam

The course was a gift from a friend. I was going to attempt to tackle the LSAT without prep. During the course, I was made aware that I would never have done as well as I had without the course. The ultimate payoff was getting into one of my top choices. Brilliant!
Mark N.

I just completed the LSAT course in Seattle and took my test yesterday. I truly felt that I wouldn’t have done as well without the class and I thank you for providing an affordable alternative to test prep help. Thanks so much!
Stevan Wood

Jacob was an outstanding instructor on the LSAT. He clearly knew the material thoroughly and was able to convey his knowledge to students in an effective manner.
Jason R.

I really enjoyed the LSAT prep course and Risha was absolutely wonderful! She was always upbeat and energetic and I appreciate that very much!