SAT Prep Course Testimonials

Recent SAT Prep Course Testimonials

Below are testimonials from real students who have recently completed our SAT Course. Unlike other companies who post “sound bites” highlighting all of the selling points they want you to hear, we post real testimonials from real people. We’re an honest company and we believe that you deserve an honest appraisal of our courses.

My son, Joseph Kobara, took the SAT prep class in San Marcos. My son’s first SAT score was 1720. He took the test in March and his score increased to 1900! So thanks so much for all that you did for him — it worked!
Susan Kobara

I have to share this with you. My daughter took your prep course and here are the results: Math before Sherwood: 500, Math after: 590; Reading before Sherwood: 510, Reading after: 600; Writing before Sherwood: 530, writing after: 600. WOO HOO!
Janice Perella

She (my daughter) did A Great Job! Thanks for all your help!
Nathan Samuels

I would like you to know that my son got his SAT reasoning test results back and scored much higher than we thought he would in reading comprehension. He credits your course for those results. Thank you!
Jimmy B.

Jacob liked his instructor very much and would give her all excellent marks!
Joana H.

Today I got my test scores and scored a 2020. Thanks for all the help you gave me.

Charlie enjoyed this class. Please thank the instructor.
Laurie Smith

I just wanted to tell you I got a 1950 on my SAT and I improved 200 points from last time. Thanks for your help.
Tim Woodard

Jimmy took your course in Berkeley, CA and raised his score by 190 points!
Jimmy’s Mom

Here’s what I got: Reading 680, Math 610, Writing 640. Thanks for the class! Happy Holidays!
Sarah Faye Flick

You told us all in class that you wanted to know how the SAT’s went. They went amazing! I got a 1690 (that’s a 210 point increase!). I would like to thank you for your instruction because it truly helped me a lot!

I just wanted to thank you for the experience in the SAT class I took of yours. I thought I remembered you saying that you would be interested in knowing how we did on our SAT’s, although maybe you didn’t. Since I did well I’ll tell you anyway. Before I took your class I received a total score of 1840. I got 580 on writing, 600 on critical reading and 660 in math. On the SAT I took after your class I got 620 in writing, 650 in critical reading and 660 in math. That’s a 1930 and 90 points higher than my previous test. I figure I can attribute some of that success to your class, so thanks.

My daughter took the Sherwood SAT Prep and increased her score by 170 points. Her math score went up by 120 points. The money and the 6 week classes were well worth it!
Machelle Bailey

Just to inform you and thank you for your course. To us it was worth the money and time invested by our son. He took the last SAT test and went from a 1600 in his previous test to 1800, a full 200 points increase! Thank very much Sherwood Test Prep and instructor.
Victor Figueroa

I was a Sherwood SAT prep class student, and I would like to thank my teacher and this program in general for giving my score the tremendous boost it needed. At first I had a score of 1510, which then miraculously increased to 1800. This new high score now puts me at a better position in my hopes of getting into a university, and I owe it all to the classes I took at Sherwood. I will be forever grateful for the confidence you’ve given me in applying to college, and will recommend this program to many!
Maia Randosh

Jacob was a great teacher, he seemed to really care about us learning the material and was easy to approach with questions. I was very impressed and enjoyed him as teacher.
Reggie C.

My son took the Sunday class in East Brunswick getting ready for the December SATs. We got the results yesterday and they were much higher than those of the PSATs he took in October. Thank you for the excellent program.

The course materials helped demystify standardized tests for me.
Tina Fromm